All Students are taught the importance of proper technique including body alignment, flexibility, and terminology. The class will consist of barre exercises, stretching, adagio, petite and grande allegro.



Basic tap steps, progressions and terminology are built upon each week. Class consists of warm-up, tap-technique, progressions and routines. Student’s ability to understand and count music will be enhanced.


Combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. these techniques strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements

Studio K Classes

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes offered. Acrobatic programs incorporate dance to enhance grace and movement. Tumbling, balance, and flexibilty will be learned.



Combines jazz technique with other varieties to create a “Broadway” style of dance. This class will follow a jazz warm up and will have progressions and center floor work and combinations that combine acting with jazz dance.


Many styles of jazz are explored through warm-ups, isolations, stretching, footwork, progressions, turns leaps and combinations. Styles include lyrical, theatrical and classical.

 Hip Hop

A funky, modern upbeat class, less emphasis is placed on technique than in a jazz class.


Exploration of dance through emotion; designed to develop poise, grace, and strength. 


Studio K offers three levels of dance programs. Pre-Dance, Recreational & Competitive dance.